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Facilitating Heart-Felt Connections
Animals & their Humans  

Liz Steele,CESMT
 ​Animal Communicator
Equine Massage Therapist
Recreation Therapist

​For the past 6 years my Soul Horse, Grace has taught me a great deal about patience and connections on a deeper level, especially with myself. 
The lessons from Grace along with my Therapeutic Recreation degree,  I came to  the realizeation that Riding with Grace is the best way to ride through life, with or without a horse!
I would love to help you Ride Through Life with Grace!


Riding through Life with Grace   

FREE Initial Consult
Follow up sessions
$60 hour, 15 minute minimum
Are you struggling with anxiety, worry, being unsure about decisions,  or trouble managing stress?  Maybe you don't really know who you are, only what your were told to be. 

Riding with Grace will assist you in making Self Connections to create a  more peaceful you.
 Through activities of discovery you will  develop skills to create a shift within you that will help you Ride through life with Grace.

Because I believe animals are an important part of our lives as companions and teachers, we can incorporate your pet into the process. It adds a bit of fun to the learning!