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Facilitating Heart-Felt Connections Between 


Liz Steele,CESMT
Intuitive ​Animal Communicator
Equine Massage Therapis t

Riding with Grace

Listening Well!

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I' do not claim to be a trainer, nor do I teach typical horsemanship. I am an Animal Communicator who believes in the power of communication with horse to build a trusting relationship. If you are interested in learning how to Ride with Grace, I would love to help. Here’s my story:

I've had a passion for horses since I rode my first horse during a visit to Corpus Christi, Texas. I was about 9 years old. My dad loved horses and decided the family should go for a ride. We were in Texas after all and Texans ride horses!  Without any experience, we went to a stable on the beach in North Padre Island.  Oh how amazing!  The freedom and peace I felt never left me but became a longing that could not be filled by anything else. There were a few stable rides back in Michigan here and there but time moved on mostly without horses.
Years later my daughter Cally said horse before she said mommy. My ticket to horses!  We moved to the country, built a barn and horses we had. And we learned along the way. The way was through 4-H and local shows; Western Pleasure, English and Trail courses.   I was the show mom. However, showing was not my idea of horse riding but Cally loved it.  I did most of the handling as she was quite young, and I with my soft heart was very gentle. Often times being told I was too nice and, "you have to show them whose boss". Something I could not get comfortable with. I wanted to be on a trail in the woods enjoying nature, and I wanted a positive relationship with my horse where we both felt safe. I didn't fit in much but I tried my best to follow my heart and easily Cally followed as well, to work with the horses in a kind and gentle manner.  After several years, we left the show ring, did some trail riding, and then sold everything.
Fast forward to 2007, Rick and I moved to Texas, following our adult children. We bought a little place and called it Freedom Ranch. The horse passion persisted and I began volunteering at a horse rescue. I quickly decided life wasn't life without a horse and I adopted a couple of beautiful mares.
Once again, in making connections with "horse people", I faced the fact I'm not a cowgirl. So I followed my heart in working with my rescues, building trust.  I've realized, I don't have to be a cowgirl or follow the long time rules of dominance and control of a horse any more than I needed to be dominant with my other animals.  And, my world has begun to grow, meeting likeminded horse folk who want the same. We all want and deserve to be heard! So  Real Listening began, for me as much my horse, Grace, and our relationship has soared!
Grace defined: The influence of Spirit; Spiritual Instruction & improvement; Divine Assistance. 
And that is how we Ride with Grace; with the influence of Spirit

    Riding with Grace  is a 4 week program, with a need for committing to the activities that are customized to your and your horse's needs. Connection Activities appear simple but are profound, and along with coaching, will create a shift within you that will last a lifetime.

Program includes:
1 Basic Animal Communication
6 total hours of coaching
 2 additional questions at end of program                                             1 Equine Massage           
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Services Valued at $450
Bundled offer -$400     
If you are not local, meetings can be held over the phone and the price  of equine massage will be subtracted from fee.

Please contact me with any questions. 
Additional sessions and/or massages can be added at regular pricing.

My Simple Thoughts & Ideas

Where Horsemanship Begins

Alowing Horse to be Horse

Mutual Respect?

From the heart of course! You have to feel it, really feel it! Then take that feeling and connect it to your horse, to any animal ;you share your life with. And then beautiful things will happen.
I'm not a pretty rider. I fidget, not sure if my seat is right or my feet for that matter. Grace  doesn't seem to mind. She is patient with me and I with her. Although she has more patience than me! We don't fight, we do do-overs. Sometimes we just except the flaws of one another. So when  I fuss with my hands, as I always do, She has learned when I'm really asking for something or if I'm just fussin'. She's smart that way!  It works for us because we start and end our time together with heart.
  • Horses whinny and nicker to their herd, let them!
  • Sometimes the penis has to hang out!  Let it!!
  • Sometimes a horse doesn't feel like doing their job. Give him a day off!
  • Sometimes a horse gives you their butt, scratch it!
  • ​Sometimes your horse wants to be close to you, let them into your space.
  • Let your horse be a horse, without having to be in control. Its okay!

A horse doesn't know what the word respect means. They do their best to understand what we want and give that to us. Communication can get confusing. Don't get mad, frustrated or any other negative emotion. Respect the horse and the fact that they want to please. Breathe and try again, keep it gentle and respectful! It takes time and patience but its worth it!

Do you want to do that?

How about we have a talk?

What now?

Does your horse enjoy and desire to do the work you have chosen for them to do? If not, how can you work together to improve this for a win/win?

Talking to an animal is important. Listening to an animal is more important. Intuitive communication starts  from the heart center and builds beautiful relationships. Changes begin the moment the animal knows they are being heard.  This is an important piece for Riding with Grace.
 Riding with Grace will include discussing your desires, using AC to find the needs, desires, questions and concerns of the horse, then working with you as a team to address the issues. We will work together using exercises created specifically for you and your horse. This will be a combination of activities such as grooming, ground work, riding, meditation, journaling and other exercises. When you work from your heart center, and listen to your horse, your bond will gain strength for a mutually trusting relationship.